Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Beach History finds

Dave Fradell came by the house one day and gave us some cool historical maps of Long Beach. They are from 1953! He got them from Franklin Junior High's Library. He said they were just going to throw them out there. He thought we would cherish them. I swear we love anything having to do with history of Long Beach!

Here's a close up of the stats: 1953 population was only 255,000 people! And it gives the Average temperatures: Winter 55 degrees, Summer 70 degrees.

Picture of downtown area. The Pike...what a shame it isn't what it used to be a fun filled amusement park. I also wish the Municipal Auditorium was still there.

Me and Iris's old high school. Must have been so cool back in the 50's.

I wonder really how many houses were in Naples back then?

Bathing beaches and Bixby park.

When the Navy used to be there.

I LOVE this pamplet. Look at all the people there. Before the breakwater Long Beach had to have been so much nicer.

The other side of the pamplet features surrounding areas with cute little pictures.


Lauren said...

such a cute illustration!

Iris said...

What a treasure! It kinda reminds me of a Disneyland map! LOL Unbelievable that these maps were made before Disneyland even existed!!