Friday, March 18, 2011


So lately I've been contimplating making this blog my weight loss journey. I'm a BIG yo-yo dieter like many people and it is hard for me to stay on track because:
For one: I get BORED-I'll start one diet/workout plan and get so unbelievably bored like you can't imagine.
2: Lifestyle-Let's face it, life is good when there's GOOD FOOD! Wine, meat, cheese, dessert. Come ON!
3. Hunger pangs-Cutting calories sucks because you are constantely hungry, then you get moody and sick at times too.
4. Muscle Pain-I don't want to sound like a baby but I don't like to feel sore after working out. LOL! I know, I know NO PAIN NO GAIN. Right?
So I've been trying to find a new GYM and I really want to join Curves but it's too expensive. $44 bucks a month. I like Curves because it's normal women who just want to get into shape without the intimidation of Regular Gyms.
I'll have to go back to 24hr most likely it's more affordable at $30 bucks a month. I was doing very good there but then I got really bored and I honestly feel very intimidated there by all of the nice bod's and men around.
All and all, I think working out is the main thing I need to do. At work I am sitting all day long. NO GOOD. I go for walks on my breaks and Lunch but it's not enough.


Iris said...

I want to join 24 hour fitness too...maybe we can do work outs together sometimes working out with a friend can help.

John and Kirsten said...

I joined a working wellness program at work....thank goodness they don't post your stats on the bulletin board...which is by the way twice the size of a car an in the cafeteria for everyone to see!