Monday, July 18, 2011

Santa Monica/Venice Beach

On Saturday I took Jackie, Tirso Jr and his friend Darren to Santa Monica beach. It was a perfect beach day. Wasn't too hot or too cold it was just right. As we sat there eating our lunch we noticed there were dolphins in the beach close to the boogie boarders! I tried my best to get a picture but it was hard, you can kind of see one there in the center to the right.
Dangit! all I could get was his fin! If you click on the picture it's right in the center.
Just chilln eatn some grub.
After we frolicked around in the ocean we walked all the way to Venice Beach, it probably took about 10 min to walk there. We saw this cool clown having a beer at a restaurant.

This guy was dressed as the devil walking around sending a message.
There was this guy passing out 3D glasses and telling us to look at this wall and mirror with paint splashed all over it! It was amazing! Totally trippy!
There's that clown on stilts again! Oh he's trying to get people to come in and look at the Freak Show. No thanks, I can do that for free just by walking around! LOL!
The boys wanted to go check out the skate park. Pretty cool, they made me so nervous though cause 1/2 these kids don't have protective gear on.
This guy did a cool trick but then he ate sh*t. Thank goodness he had all his gear. He was older though than the others, I'm sure he's had his fair share of injuries...yipes!
Alright time to go but first we checked out these psychobilly dudes play! LOL! Good times!


Iris said...

Man I been dying to go check out the freaks on Venice with the kids..hmm maybe this Sunday I will take a trip to the pier and's been awhile. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Lauren said...

i wish i were driving distance from santa monica :) looks like fun

LHDEZ said...

What's on the shores of our beaches? they look like bees but aren't flying they are on the shore & my husband got stung/biten 2 days ago & ended up in Urgent care with what could've been a really bad situation. Blood poisening from whatever those things are. All beware!!