Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Dave planted a vegetable garden in the backyard a few weeks ago and it's taking off really fast!
We've got Lettuce growing and it's sprouting! So cute!
We've got green onions.
Got some Melon called "Twice as Nice"??? Don't know what it will look like.
Got some cucumbers. I want to pickle them.
Got some Eggplant. That should be interesting.
We have some grape tomatoes growing and some garlic too. The caterpillars sure got to this plant!
Look at this little guy. Freaky looking, he's looking for a leaf to grab on to.
There's all kinds of critters in our back yard! Look at how big this lizard is!
I spotted this lady bug. So cute!
A BLACK WIDOW! She looks viscous!

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Iris said...

I have got to start working on my Garden too!! I want to plant that whole empty planter out in front of the house with nothing but herbs!