Monday, July 25, 2011


On Friday, Iris, Toni and I went to the Hawaiian Room in Bellflower to sing some Karaoke and have some cocktails. This place is in Bellflower, it's a total dive bar but the drinks are cheap! Candy is the owner/bartender/customer. In that order! LOL!
We ordered some vodka cranberries and then some Seagrams Sweet tea with Lemonade. So refreshing!
Then we started some Karoke! There was a huge list of songs that were avaiable! And if it's not on the list the DJ probably has it in his computer! I think we were singing a Amy Winehouse song here. RIP.
Iris did her Stray Cat Strut song and my song was Don't Stop Beliving by Journey. And we did many more.
Toni did a lot of country songs.
Singing our butts off!
Iris getting down! It was really a great time! Looking forward to going again!


Retro Mom said...

Damn I need to lose weight! Yeah that was a FUN ASS Time ..I reallly think we need to do this on a regular least once a month or every other week head over for some cheap ass drinks and karaoke! So many more songs to choose from.

Jimmy said...

What karaoke backing tracks did they have, i was thinking of coming to one of the karaoke nights later on in week.

Thelma said...

Jimmy, they had pretty much everything under the sun. go check it out!