Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer walk

Dave and I took a walk down to the beach this evening, it was nice and cool outside. Lots of people were out walking too.
I love the islands you can see from the bluff. I wish they were open to the public where you could take a boat there and have there be like an amusement park there or something fun like that!
Dave doing the stairs, okay my turn!
Stretch first then go up! You really feel the burn half way up! I feel sorry for that guy lugging his bike up! LOL!
Nice views, I really should take advantage of the beach but sometimes I get bored and need to change my route.
Sunsets are nice here in Long Beach!
I love my hometown! Okay now to walk all the way back home!

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Retro Mom said...

I miss living by the ocean and hanging out by the beach..even though I really didn't do that mch even when I did live there. We did go for walks a lot around the neighborhood though.